Wendell Woody Pathfinder Awards

The Wendell Woody Pathfinder award was established in 1997 to recognize an elite group of cable industry professionals who actively participated for at least 20 years and made a significant impact on the industry during that time.

New members must be nominated by a Pathfinder from a different company and be endorsed by a Pathfinder not associated with their company.

Deadline: August 1, 2019

2018 Wendell Woody Pathfinders

John Federico


John is the Founder & President of Federico Consulting Inc, A Public Affairs Group. Federico Consulting provides professional governmental affairs and association management services to more than 20 different clients in Kansas. His advocacy efforts on behalf of various interests requires him to work collaboratively with key members of the Kansas Legislature, the Governor’s office, and various State Agencies on a daily basis. For the past 20 years he has lobbied on behalf of the Kansas Cable Telecommunications Association and the last 15 years has served as its’ President. In that time, alongside engaged members of the KCTA, Federico has guided the KCTA through tense legislative battles related to regulatory deregulation, subsidized competition, municipal over-reach, right of way restrictions, statewide video franchising, telecommunication taxation, and a statewide broadband expansion plan. In addition to his work at the state level, he has led numerous member discussions with members of the Kansas Congressional Delegation in conjunction with the NCTA and the ACA. Away from Washington DC and the Kansas State Capitol, John has served as the Executive Director of the Leadership Kansas Program since 2004. Leadership Kansas is the second oldest statewide leadership development program in the country and boasts of over 1,500 distinguished alumni representing the “who’s-who” of Kansas politics, business, education, and community development leaders. His work identifying and developing leaders across the state earned him the distinction of “50 Kansans You Should Know” from Ingram’s Business Magazine. A native of Rhode Island, John attended Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL on a sports scholarship, and earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Rhode Island. John went on to earn his law degree from the Washburn University School of Law in Topeka, KS. He lives in Topeka with his wife of 30 years along with their 3 children. 

Greg Harrison.jpg

Greg Harrison (2017 Pathfinder)

Assistant City Manager, City of Pompano Beach, FL

Greg Harrison grew up in Muskogee County, Porum, Oklahoma. Went to Northeastern State College in Tahlequah, OK and the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK. Greg’s first job from graduating NSU was Budget Officer for the City of Lawton, OK where Greg then experienced a stint in city management encompassing over 20 years including serving as City Manager of Wewoka, OK; Okmulgee, OK; Mineral Wells, TX and Alvin, TX. Greg joined TCI in the mid-90’s during the company’s formation of Government Relations throughout the US and represented TCI on State and Federal government affairs in Washington, DC, OK, KS, NE, SD, ND, NM, and NV as well as county and municipal government issues. In 2001 Greg was hired as the first full-time President of the Missouri Cable Telecommunications Association and set up shop in Jefferson City, MO where he stayed until 2009 to go back to Oklahoma with Allegiance Communications that included Chief Operations Officer as well as responsibility for all corporate contracts, agreements, franchises and regulatory/compliance issues with local, state and federal government entities. Shortly after Greg was employed in Missouri, he was hired by the Mid-America Cable Telecommunications Association, during a difficult time, which successfully resulted in continuation of this great annual event. In 2014 Greg had an opportunity to return to Public Administration as Assistant City Manager, Pompano Beach, FL. In January, 2017 Greg received a five (5) year contract from the City Commission to replace their retiring City Manager. Greg is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the City of Pompano Beach with a population of 107,000, employs approximately 1,000 people and has a total budget of over 265 Million Dollars. Greg has two daughters, Kelli and Madison. Kelli is an elementary school counselor for the Edmond School District in Edmond, OK. Kelli and her husband, Brent has an 11-year-old daughter, Alex and two sons, Beau 9 and Brooks 5. Madison is a Corporate Travel Consultant for Luxe Travel in Boca Raton, FL. Greg’s wife Kim is the former Event Coordinator for the Mid-America Show and because of her conscientiousness was a huge part of the successful turn-around of the annual event.

1997 Charter Pathfinder Members

Hank Bradley

Dave Clark

Peter Collins

Vic Davis

Ed Drake

Doug Fuller

Tom Gleason, Jr.

Jerry Lampe

Ron Marnell

Rob Marshall

Mike Pandzik

Rex Porter

Les Read

Larry Spangler

Dick Thiessen

Robert K. Weary

Wendell Woody

Pathfinder Members 1998-2016

Charles Broomfiled (1998)
Philip Brown (1998)
Steve Dyche (1998)
Richard Hook (1998)
Linda Jurgensen (1998)
Ted Gleason (1999)
Jim Orwick (1999)
John Thompson (1999)
Vern Wible (1999)
Tom Gleason, Sr. (2000)
Lynn Harrison (2000)
Bob Niles (2000)
Larry Trimble (2000)
Robert Weary, Jr. (2000)
Frank Hughes (2001)
Charlotte McClure (2001)
LeaAnn Quist (2001)
Dick Bates (2002)
Debby Exon (2002)
Ken Kendall (2002)
Carol Rothwell (2002)
Bob Sebby (2002)
Alan Tschirner (2002)
J. Richard Beard (2003)
J. Keith Davidson (2003)
David Headley (2003)
Larry Peterson (2003)
Larry Stiffelman (2003)

Tom Belcher (2004)
JoAnn King (2004)
Rob Moel (2004)
Tom Morris (2004)
Dave Severance (2004)
Jim Walker (2004)
Mike Flood (2004)
Valerie Kramer (2005)
Dan Mulvenon (2005)
Maurice Zion (2005)
Kevin R. Collins (2006)
Terry Cordova (2006)
Carl Dyson (2006)
Wayne Gale (2006)
Denise Lewis (2006)
Art Cunningham (2007)
Mike Drahota (2007)
Roger Ponder (2007)
David Presley (2007)
Milissa Witthar (2007)
Scott Grim (2008)
Mike Kohler (2008)
Matt Mayhan (2008)
Mark Stottler (2008)
Mark Caniglia (2009)
Joe Crone (2009)
Bryan Gann (2009)
Travis Garrett (2009)

Joe Scot (2009)
Mitch Bland (2010)
Tim Caudle (2010)
Hyman Sharpe (2010)
Richie Arnold (2011)
Chris Fleck (2011)
Jim Gleason (2011)
Dave Pangrac (2011)
David Berns (2012)
Garry Bowman (2012)
Charles Hembree (2012)
Ken Jameson (2012)
Steve Bennett (2013)
Tom McMillan (2013)
Mike Slyman (2013)     

David Wall (2013)
Randy Goad (2014)
Melanie McMullen (2014)
Mike Wilson (2014)
Rich Fickle (2015)
Gary Shorman (2015)
Tim Easley (2016)
Larry Eby (2016)
Brent Scott (2016)
Robert Adelman (2017)
Elaine Partridge (2017)
Greg Harrison (2017)
John Federico (2018)
Greg Harrison (2018)