Weary Scholarship

In 1989, the Mid-America Weary Scholarship Foundation was founded in honor of cable leader and entrepreneur Robert K. Weary (1921-2001) for his remarkable achievements in the cable industry.The Weary Scholarship is designed to help deserving, academically oriented students to further their college education.

Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Award

The Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Award program was established by cable television professionals in 1986 to recognize and award customer care excellence in the cable television industry in several categories.

MIDI Awards

The MIDI Awards are awarded each year during the Mid-America Cable Show Awards Dinner. These awards were established to provide our association with a way to recognize and honor our most talented Advertising and Marketing promotions.

Wendell Woody Pathfinder Awards

The Wendell Woody Pathfinder award was established in 1997 to recognize an elite group of cable industry professionals who actively participated for at least 20 years and made a significant impact on the industry during that time.