MACS is one of the BEST shows of the year, because I have always appreciated learning so much from our ACA Connects Members and friends, and enjoying the time together in a setting where you can truly CONNECT and COMMUNICATE with one another! #ACAConnects!
— Matt Polka, President and CEO, ACA

The 2019 event will be my 6th and I continue to find value from the speakers, panels and breakout sessions, as well as from the networking. Our industry has so many wonderful people and MACS provides a great opportunity to connect (and re-connect) with many of them.
— Jack Latzer

As we all know, our industry has evolved to the point where national, regional, and state shows are, for the most part, a fond distant memory. Thankfully, the MACS has breathed new life into the art of networking and gathering. This is a can’t miss show for anyone that wants to connect with key customers and network with fellow members of the industry. I highly encourage attendance of this show to ensure its health and viability in the future.
— Bruce Levinson

It was a great event that enabled me to interact with some of the top cable executives in the Mid-America area.
— Bob Adelman

My experience at the MACS was impeccable! The show provided a great overview of what’s going on in the industry. Also, they provided a priceless opportunity to network with different programmers and cable operators. I would highly recommend anyone to attend the Mid America Cable Show.
— Christopher Mangual

I had an incredible experience at the MACS. I was able to spend quality time with decision makers throughout the region, the sessions were interesting and informative and everyone had a blast networking. I look forward to going every year. MACS is not to be missed - I will definitely be back!
— John D'Antonio

It’s the right sized event with the right group of market makers and influencers in the cable space. It isn’t too big where you can get lost in the crowd, and the people are great and it’s easy to make connections.
— Steve Smith

Over the past years the Mid-America Cable Show has provided me with an impeccable experience to meet and network with different professionals in our industry. I look forward to attending the upcoming shows in the near future!
— Past Attendee